2019 New Hope's Student Ministries 3D' Vision

“The greatest evangelical window currently available is among young children”- George Barna

The task before us is enormous because we created a consumer mentality amongst a generation that did not expect to be challenged at church in ways similar to what they face at school or on sports teams. We need to change the way we pass the faith of Christ to the next generation. Believing in the sufficiency of Scripture, we must turn to the Bible to teach us how to do ministry (rather than just what to teach). Students need gospel-centered ministries grounded in the Word of God.
So our 2018 Youth Vision will encompass three D's
1-DEVOTION to The Great Commandment: Youth crave connection. The love of God is the most vital connection they will ever know. 3D Vision supports youth as they foster a vibrant relationship with God through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, and the encouragement of the Holy Spirit. Through relevant Bible teaching, technology, and counsel, youth discover a DEVOTION to love God at New Hope. 2-DUTY to Obey The Great Commission: Youth crave missions. They long to share their faith with others through word and deed. 3D Vision offers exciting opportunities to spread God's love through the gospel message. Whether assisting the elderly, feeding the hungry, serving the needy, or speaking with the downtrodden, 3D Vision helps youth fulfill their DUTY to God by encouraging them to walk as Jesus did.
3-DRIVE to Live for the Glory of God: Youth crave relevance. They want to understand where they are and where they are going. They want to dream big and strive to succeed in all they do. 3D Vision will help them find their true identity in Christ. New Hope youth will discover that having a DRIVE to use their talents for the glory of God is a dream come true, and that dream is fulfilled the moment they give their life to Him!
New Hope Student Ministry 3D Vision is open to all youth in grades six through twelve. Visitors, friends, and newcomers are welcome at any time.