New Hope God’s Gatherers Children Ministry provides a place for children from infant to fifth grade to learn and share the Love of the Lord. At New Hope children are encouraged to share their love of the Lord with others. Our mission is teaching the children to become disciples to others. Children can be picked up at their designated classrooms after service.

All of our children’s instructors have volunteered to have a background check and be fingerprinted for the comfort and well-being of all. For safety reasons, we ask that children be supervised by their parents or guardians prior to and after God’s Gatherers dismissal.
All parents are encouraged to visit our classes and ask the children about what they have learned and discussed. We welcome all of your ideas and suggestions to strengthen our program.

For more information please contact Amy R Leclerc at or at (941)276-6778

We Want to Reach More Kids, and We Need You! “It thrills me when I hear that our children love coming to church. Parents tell me their children remind them for either Saturday Night service or get them out of bed on Sunday mornings and ask ‘Is it time to go to church yet? Our dedicated and trained volunteer staff of men and women welcomes your children to their classrooms. Each week our teachers share with their classes the good news that Jesus loves them and has a plan for their lives.” Pastor Eddie DeJesus