Our Purpose is to equip the brethren with the necessary tools that will greater glorify our Lord in ministering to those where we live, work and play. Our vision is to build solid biblical foundations, to give you a hunger and thirst that will drive you to the feet of the Lord.

The school is about transformation, for the students as well as those the students will be ministering to. When the brethren is properly equipped, the Lord will use us in a greater capacity. This will also come with a greater responsibility. As (Matthew 25:29a) states “For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance;” This school will grow us in the way we serve our Lord with the time, talents and treasures He has blessed us with.

Our aim is that the school will strengthen your faith, grow your intimacy with Christ, broaden your missional living, and fulfill the great commission. This will be done by ultimately equipping you with the tools, the support, and the encouragement needed in order that you may go out and make disciples on your own.

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